Stanced Wheels • How to Achieve Demon Camber Look

You might have heard about them, you might have seen them on the road. And whether you like them or not, stanced wheels, also known as oni-camber or demon camber, definitely turn heads. And this is what they are all about.

To stand out from the crowd, to catch up with the trend – this is what car owners have always been after. They are willing to go the extra mile to get a truly unique style. That’s why when it comes to wheel modifications, it’s not enough just to install a set of custom rims. Demon camber wheels can take your car to the next level.

Demon camber wheels have an extremely negative camber. So what the ‘camber’ is? Camber is often referred to as ‘wheel alignment’ or simply ‘alignment’. Technically, camber is the inward and outward tilt of the wheel. It can also be defined as an angle of the tire relative to the ground. Inward tilt is called ‘negative camber’. It means that the top of the wheel tilts in towards the vehicle’s body. Positive camber means that the top of the wheel tilts out, while zero camber wheels are perpendicular to the ground.

Achieving Demon Camber Look

Let’s explain how this effect is achieved. Lowering the vehicle’s body is an essential step in creating an oni-camber look. Equipping it with an air suspension may add some extra points, as it allows to lower the vehicle’s body more when parked, than it would be possible when driven. Lowering the vehicle offsets a camber angle and creates a negative camber. We won’t elaborate why it is so and burden you with unnecessary technicalities. What you should know is that if you want to bring the original camber look back, there are plenty of solutions available in the modern aftermarket. Alignment kit will help restore the factory wheel alignment.

Demon camber look is achieved by taking a camber to even greater negative angle instead of bringing the suspension system back to factory settings. Most of the modern vehicles have adjustable camber. There are some exceptions, such as vehicles that have either front or rear adjustable camber or don’t have it at all. Let’s now take a look at the solutions available in the aftermarket to push a wheel camber out to the extreme point.

Demon Camber

Camber Kits

A camber angle can be changed using control arms, also known as A-arms, providing locations for ball joints. Control arms with adjustable ball joints are usually referred to as ‘Camber Kits’. What distinguishes camber kits from regular control arms is ball joints that can slide an inch or so along tracks. Once a ball joint reaches the required position, it is fixed by tightening the bolts. Changing a bolt joint position moves the top of the wheel in or out.

Eccentric Camber Bolts

One of the most simple solutions for oni-camber look is adjusting a camber by turning a bolt with a large eccentric washer on it. It allows a suspension component to move in or out. Camber bolts usually provide no more than 2 degrees of camber adjustment.

Adjustable Control Rods

Some vehicle manufacturers use control rods instead of control arms. These are also known as location rods or track rods. Control Rods are designed to ensure the exact position of wheel and tire assembly. So, it’s not difficult to assume that by changing the length of the control rod we change a camber angle. Today adjustable control rods are offered by a number of aftermarket parts manufacturers. Spec-D, Eibach, Belltech are just a few of the names. Control rods provide the best camber adjustability. What’s more, they can be used in conjunction with other adjustments to achieve the desired demon camber look.

All these parts can be found in large automotive stores, such as, that stocks a wide array of camber kits, camber bolts and control rods for vehicles of any makes and models. They are available in the Performance Steering Parts department. Don’t forget to check out their Custom Wheels department if you need a set of new custom rims and tires for your ride.

Body Modifications

As we’ve already mentioned, lowering your vehicle will result in increased negative camber. As the top of the wheels shifts outwards, fender clearance will decrease and your tire may come in contact with the fender.

To allow for more clearance, some body modifications may be needed, such as installing custom fender flares or “rolling” the fenders by applying special tool along the fender lip for greater clearance. Remember that once body modifications are done, it’s not that easy to restore the original look. So weigh all the pros and cons before you decide to go on with stanced wheels.

The best thing about car customization is that there is not just one way to make your vehicle uniquely your own. And stanced wheels are one of the most extraordinary and even extreme ways to achieve it. They are not everyone’s choice of car customization, but if demon camber wheels are for you, there are no limits for your imagination.

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James Burnett is a car enthusiast who is passionate about everything automotive, especially stylish exterior modifications. James knows everything about car accessories and custom wheels, and he’s eager to share his knowledge with readers.



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