Indoor vs Outdoor Car Covers

By protecting your vehicle’s body, you not only ensure its shining look and secure yourself from significant expenses traditionally accompanying the restoration of paint coating, but also add to the resale price of the car. Thus, getting a cover protecting the exterior parts when the vehicle is not used can be reasonable. But which one is better in your particular case, the indoor or outdoor cover? That’s a common puzzling question, as the modern market offers both of these types. To find the answer, the actual differences between these two need to be considered.

If you examine prices for car covers, you will quickly find out that the indoor covers aren’t really cheaper, although it seems to be logical for the heavy-duty, tough outdoor covers to be more expensive. Why it’s so is because the fabric used for the indoor cover is generally more expensive. Its principal function is to protect the body from dust, scratches, and other minor factors while forming a breathable, water-permeable layer. That’s to prevent the formation of various undesirable agents on the body panels during long-term storage. Besides, the indoor cover is softer and thus gentler to the varnish.

Indoor Car Covers

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Outdoor covers are different. Their principal purpose is to protect the body from rain, bird droppings, road debris, direct solar radiation, and anything else that a vehicle normally encounters while staying under the open sky. But because its job is much harder than that of the indoor cover, the material it’s made of is much rougher and often water-resistant. It makes the envelope for outdoor storage somewhat compromised, as it’s capable of scratching the polished surfaces. Also, the water condensed on the body cannot penetrate through the fibers, so long-term storage (some weeks or months) under such a cover will likely result in corrosion and mold.

Outdoor Car Covers

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Another question that may appear, can the cover be universal? For instance, is it ok to use the outdoor cover inside a garage? Yes, but only for short intervals (no longer than a couple of weeks) and not frequently, as every time you put it on and off, the cover may leave microscopic scratches on varnished surfaces. Is it fine to apply the indoor wrapping outdoors? Well, not really. You can use it in this way, but it won’t be able to adequately protect the body from the elements which makes no sense in its use.

Now you can make an informed decision concerning the cover for your vehicle.

Good luck!


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